“Parents are the truest form of divinity for not only their children but for the entire world; for they are the guiding light for a better society.”

-Kalyanakrishnan Iyer, Founder OLE.

The source of our young champs are parents. Parents are extremely crucial and pivotal to a child’s development and we at OneLifeExperiences have utmost regard for them.

One of our primary focus areas is to engage with parents on various fronts to provide them with value based content and inputs that result in a happy, healthy and wholesome family ecosystem.

We get to learn through their lens and we find it truly grateful to have so many parents influencing the work we do.

Feel free to browse through what we have for all the wonderful parents out there!

Curious Questions Series

Curious Questions is a YouTube series launched by us on our YouTube channel, where we intend to upload weekly episodes for all your young champs.

How often have we as children have had questions to almost each and every element we see, hear; touch or feel?

And how often have we been provided answers to the same?

And as parents now, how often do we face the same with our children?

Multiple studies have proven that questions that are formed in a child’s mind during the early stages of growth and development are critical to development of the child’s creative knowledge, intuitiveness, perspective building and other important aspects.

With this objective in mind, we at OneLifeExperiences find joy to say that we aspire to direct a child’s curiosity in the most healthiest way and “Curious Questions” is a pathway to the same.

We would be uploading weekly videos where we would be taking up questions asked by kids in their everyday life and provide answers to them.

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