“We’re expecting!” 

Oh! Every time we hear our family, friends or anybody say that, we’re teary eyed. It is probably the most momentous time for the couple, filled with happiness and joy.

Modern day couples want to make sure that the lead up to this moment is anything but surprising. And why not?

Planning to be parents has a lot more to it than age, opinions of the family and in laws and also this very moment.

Couples who proactively plan their pregnancy have numerous benefits as listed below :

  • Know what to anticipate and prepare better
  • Much easier pregnancy journeys
  • Develop healthier and more intimate relationships with the partner
  • Have positive impacts on the mother’s physical and mental health
  • Inculcate better early parenting practices

Conducive for the child’s development & growth

So, where do you begin? How do you start?

Worry not, in this article we take you through every aspect and provide you with some awesome resources to help you get started.

Planning for pregnancy: Article contents

Step 1: Do it when ready :

While you understand that the expectations of the family and relatives cannot be frowned upon or blatantly ignored, following through on them blindly would put you and your partner in a spot of bother.

You are going to be the primary caretakers for your children and that comes with immense responsibilities. It is important for both of you as parents to be making this decision out of your own accord, which will eventually ensure a healthy environment for not only the family but also for the children, growing up.

Step 2: Conversations with your partner :

Every pregnancy and parenting journey should start with the parents. Having an open conversation is critical whether it be a love or an arranged marriage. Your partner’s idea of having kids at the time of marriage might or might not be the same now. It is important that both of you allow for a space to have conversations about the same, when planning for one.

This is the most critical step while taking the plunge as it readies both of you to be prepared on all aspects and also understand your partner’s fears and doubts, which would come in handy during the pregnancy and post pregnancy period.

Step 3: Take time off :

80% of the couples who got pregnant faced difficulty in adapting to the sudden change in lifestyle, post pregnancy. It is highly important to take some time off while planning to get pregnant and to get yourself aware of the changes that are expected to happen post pregnancy.

Easing in to the journey will give you less surprises later.

Step 4: See your doctor :

Having a supportive medical professional right from the planning stage has multiple benefits.

The doctor will most likely want to discuss about your health history, previous medical conditions, if any, information regarding vaccinations etc.

Step 5: Plan your finances :

Goes without saying that having a baby means an additional stress on the financial resources of the family. Right from finding a good maternity hospital, doctor consultations, pregnancy related tests to just name a few, costs are going to be significantly higher.

Here is a general checklist of all your expenses when you would be expecting:

Pregnancy related costs :

  • Regular medical tests
  • Doctor consultations
  • Any additional expense in case the pregnancy is complicated

Delivery & Hospitalization :

  • Hospital charges
  • Cost of the delivery procedure
  • Post-delivery hospital care

Talking to your insurance provider to check the scope of coverage for the consultants, tests and procedure would help you have a better idea on your financial preparedness.

Attached here are a list of relevant financial products which you may want to consider while you are planning for parenthood.

Financial Planning

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